Thanksgiving Recipes - Share the love...

Ok so I have 14 followers, do you know how awesome that is?! Thanks for everyone who thinks I have something to say that's worth your time... I think you're awesome! Anyhow, Thanksgiving is upon us, and it's got me wondering what on earth I want to make... I'm wanting to start new traditions, try new things... But the internet's so full of recipes... Where to start?! I thought I'd turn to you guys... I've peeked at a few of your blogs, and I just know there's some awesome ideas for Thanksgiving and I hope you'll share! Please leave a link here to your personal blogs - to the posts where your ideas are shared. I think that would be a really awesome thing to do... Thanks !!!

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Paula said...

I just gave you a kreativ award go to my site to check it out. Your blog is creative and fun everyday. Thats why you have so many followers.


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