Save $3 off Kung Fu Panda

Here's a link to print a (smartsource) coupon for $3 off Kung Fu Panda with purchase of 2 Energizer max AA/AAA-8, C/D-4, or 9v-2 packs. We watched this movie on Saturday and the whole family enjoyed it. (Ages 9 to 35) I think this might go well with the deal going on at CVS this week - Buy $15 of Energizer batteries get $10 off Kung Fu Panda

Fixed the link... sorry!
See also: Kroger's deal of buy $15 of Energizer, get $8 off Kung Fu Panda


Rachel said...

Hi - where's the link? Thanks.

cheapsk8mom said...

sorry rachel.. fixed :)

I was posting like a madwoman last night :)


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