ATTN Marsh Shoppers....

If you're a Marsh shopper - or an occasional Marsh bargain hunter like myself - take notice!

There's a .pdf coupon for $5 off $30 grocery purchase. I got it in my Marsh eMail this morning. Hi? Yeah I'm happy. This coupon's good until December 24th. Pair that coupon with this week's deal? Again w/the me being happy thing. I also made a multi coupon per page .pdf that's in the Marsh thread I made on slickdeals, if you guys go there... If not, just shoot me an email if you want it, and I can send it no problemo.

Buy $20 in Kraft Products listed below, get $10 Marsh Holiday Reward Cert.
Oscar Mayer Weiners - b1g1
16oz pkg, Reg or Light Bologna or Regular/Jumbo or Bunsize Weiners

Seattles Best Coffee 12oz - $4.99

Crystal Light 2 for $4
10ct or Makes 8 quarts

Kraft Cheese 2 for $6
7oz to 8oz Pkg Asst Varieties, Deli Deluxe Slices or 12oz Select American Singles
Kraft Singles, 12 oz.+ .50 (12-6-08) SS 11/2/08

Kraft Mac & Cheese 5 for $3
6oz - 7.25oz Premium 3 Cheese, Whole Grain, or 5.5 oz Asst Varieties & Shapes

Nilla Wafers - 2 for $5
11oz to 12oz

Nabisco Premium Saltine Crackers 2 for $3
11oz to 16oz Asst Varieties
$1/2 Printable

Kraft Singles 2 for $4
12oz pkg
Kraft Singles, 12 oz.+ .50 (12-6-08) SS 11/2/08

Then once you have the $10 Certificate, you can end up getting $30 worth of groceries for only $15. And that's assuming you purchase things that you don't have a coupon for. Yes, that does happen. I plan on acquiring more of the Kraft Singles Q's, since it's practically a staple food around here, and it freezes VERY well. I have also found a tearpad at the Meijer that will get you a free box of bagelfuls with the purchase of Seattle's Best Coffee. Husband LOVES coffee, kids LOVE bagelfuls. WIN:WIN

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