$2 off Goody

Go here to get a .pdf coupon for $2 off any $2+ purchase of Goody Ouchless products. I'm thinkin' stocking stuffers... Go - get the coupon - save it... It's good till 12/31 so... Save it till you find a deal. And if you know of a deal, let me know!!!

Helen commented that there's a $2 IVC in Nov ESR book from WAG's :) $4 off a goody hairbrush! Since my Walgreens is not the coupon friendliest... I'll have to see if they carry an "ouchless" version... Thanks HELEN!!! Awesome heads up!


Helen said...

$2 IVC in Nov ESR book from WAG's :) $4 off a good hairbrush!

Holley V said...

Target has the Goody ouchless hair rubberbands, head bands, etc. all for $2.19 and 3.19 here in Michigan.


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