So I have been looking at the piles of things I have acquired (mostly free) and have wondered what exactly I'm doing with all of this stuff... I know I want to donate it, but haven't really found anywhere that I thought would really appreciate the items... Then I read about Any Soldier, Inc. Basically - you pick a soldier (usually a group) and then send them items that are on their list. I haven't picked anyone yet, mostly because every time I look at the site I begin to cry. Something about knowing how lucky we are to have all that we do... Well it gets to me. I thought I'd share the site with you guys, and ask... Where do you unload all of your goodies?

Military Care Package Kit

Since Priority Mail service supplies are the packaging of choice for families preparing care packages for service members overseas, the USPS has created a "Mili-kit" based on the items most frequently requested by the military.

The kit contains:

Three (3) each of flat rate boxes O-FRB1 and O-FRB2
Two (2) each of Cube boxes OBOX7
Address labels - Label # 228 8 each
Address labels - Label # 106-A 1 each
Customs FORM 2976-A 8 EA.
Customs FORM 2976-E 8 EA.

The kit may be requested by calling 1-800-610-8734 (Packing Supply) and:

1. Choose your language (1 is English, 2 is Spanish).
2.Choose option 1 (it states it is for Express Mail service, Priority Mail or Global Express Guaranteed).
3. When you reach a live agent, request CAREKIT04.
4. Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

Note: These are free supplies, postage must be affixed.

Additionally, you can find guidelines for packing, addressing, and shipping items to U.S. troops at www.usps.com/supportingourtroops/.

So free supplies, and it's around $11 to ship...


Kate said...

Recently, the town next to us was declared a National Disaster Area due to major flooding. I donated to the relief there. Mostly though, I give stuff to my sister who has 6 kids and not too much money.

cheapsk8mom said...

Well that's a great idea too...


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