Meijer - 3 Transactions

First I'm gonna have to say that the Mac & Cheese Catalina did NOT print for me, so I did end up going to the CS counter with my Catalina Advertisement in hand. I was given $2 in cash. I've scanned in the advert for you guys (here) to use so that you'll get the deals you deserve.

** I live in the suburbs of Indianapolis - my Meijer sales run from Thursday to Wednesday. Frosted Mini Wheats are still on sale for me, for those who aren't in Indy or Chicago, they're no longer on sale. I know this is confusing!!!!

Not a bad night at all. I did three transactions total, the final one being the "make husband happy" transaction. Considering how awesome he is, it's definitely worth it.

Transaction 1:
3 Boxes Kraft Mac & Cheese @ .64 ea
1 Water Bottle Clearanced @ .79
5 Glade Oil Warmers @ 4.69 ea
-- used 3 peelies for "Free Oil Warmer"
-- used 1 B1G1 ManQ
3 Boxes of Mini Wheats @ 2.50 ea
-- used 3 $1/1 printables

I used 2 $2 Catalinas from previous Kraft runs (not blogged)
Got back $20 Glade Catalinas ($4 X 5) and $3 Kellogg's Catalina
OOP: $9.60

Transaction 2:
4 Taco Bell Salsas @ 1.85 ea
-- used 4 $1.50/1 MealBox Q's
4 Taco Bell Taco Shells @ 1.30 ea
-- used 4 $1.50/1 MealBox Q's
(Generated .80 overage)
16 Packages of Jello @ .64 ea (we love Jello)
-- used 8 $1.50/2 MealBox Q's
(Generated 1.76 overage)
3 Boxes of Kellogg's Mini Wheats
-- used 3 $1/1 printable

Rolled the Kellogg's Catalina from Transaction #1 into this deal. They do roll, fyi. Got a $3 Catalina for Kellogg's Deal.
OOP: $.34

Transaction 3:
Star Wars XBOX 360 Game for Corde @ 59.99 ea
-- used $20 Glade Catalinas
-- used $3 Kellogg's Catalina
OOP: $41.19

Total OOP for all 3 transactions: $51.13
Plus remember, I got that $2 cash for the Kraft Deal... so technically I guess $49.13 OOP... Total savings though... $84.64

I could have done more Glade deals to make his game free, but to be honest, I was tired, and the Self Checkout gal was about to get sick of me, I could just feel it.

** Good to know **
All the free toothpaste, shampoo, crystal light... doesn't mean anything to the husband. I mean he's semi-interested in the deals I do, but nothing that would qualify as excitement. But once a car load of free stuff includes a video game, it's just amazing how interested they become. A few weeks ago it was Iron Man...


stephasauri said...

I am so excited to go to Meijer!

Another quick question... one the MealBox coupon, it says "one coupon per transaction" so does that mean you had to go through the checkout several times? Or do they not care? I want to stock up on instant vanilla pudding with the Jello coupon. My new favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe ( http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Award-Winning-Soft-Chocolate-Chip-Cookies/Detail.aspx?strb=1 ) uses the instant pudding.

cheapsk8mom said...

Awesome point... the gal at the Self Checkout mentioned that to me as well. I told her - quite nicely - that I had no problem splitting it into separate transactions if she wanted me to, I was just making it easier on her. She said she'd try - and if the register "let her do it" she would let it go. First time anyone has ever mentioned the limit to me at the Meijer though...

I don't mind having a ton of transactions... I think back to the sale a month or so ago with the Lysol stuff...

Abigail said...

Couple of questions:
1) Which Meijers did you go to? I live in the Indy area also.

2) Where did you get the catalina advertisement?

cheapsk8mom said...

I go to Meijer in Camby (Kentucky Rd.) in the Heartland Crossing Shopping area... I live in that neighborhood. Occasionally if the deals take me out to Avon or Plainfield, I'll go to their Meijer stores... But mostly I stick close to home.

I got the Catalina advertisement about a week ago or so, I can't remember what I purchased to trigger it...

Sara W. said...

just discovered your blog....man do you get the deals!! What is a catalina?? Is it the coupons that print on the back of one's receipt if you buy a certain item?

I just started doing the Walgreens EasySaver, RR, and their coupons...Typically I don't think of Walgreens as a place to get good deals, but I'm giving it a try. I messed up and submitted by rebate dollars/points...instead of waiting until the END of Oct....so now I know to click "save and return" and not just "save"....

I look at all your items..and am amazed at all the groceries you get for paying so little OOP....I guess the trick is to stack or really watch store & manuf. coupons so you can use them together....

Do you use the couponizer?? I was looking at it but not really fond of caring around a big plastic bag with me :-)

Love your site...

cheapsk8mom said...

Catalinas are the coupons that print out of a separate printer.. like the Walgreens RR's.

That sucks about your Walgreens Rebate, I did that too a few months back.

I don't use the couponizer, I actually use 3 different organizers. I'm probably going to have to re-vamp my system soon though, as I'm really getting overstuffed and running out of room!!!!

2 semi-large accordion style files that I picked up at the Walmart
-- These are for "Food" and "Not Food" basically.

1 small'ish accordion style file that I got at the Office Depot. I call it my Hot Q Holder.
-- This houses the coupons I file for each store I plan to do a deal at (or hope to go to)
-- also has my ECBs, Walgreens Rebate Card, and extra "key tag" cards for the stores. I have one taped inside each store's section.
-- Also in the front I have the "free" coupons, or really HOT Q's that I know I'll use and want to have handy.
-- I keep rebates in there, restaurant Q's, haircut discounts, stuff like that.

I drag them all around with me in a very big Billabong bag that I got at PacSun awhile back.

I stockpile - meaning I buy stuff that's on sale with a Q. I always go for items that are free, and I purchase at least 4 copies of the Sunday paper each week. Sometimes more, if the Q's are really good.

I read a lot at slickdeals, and always post there to 'give back'... There are some real deal geniuses there.

I also am always on the lookout for coupons in the stores.

I'll snap a photo and post it if you guys are really that curious... I don't mind!!

amybwest said...

Am i not looking in the right place?
the only mealbox coupon for taco bell i see is $1 off 2 meal kits.

thanks for the blog! I found you through thrifty in the cincy!

cheapsk8mom said...

You are indeed looking in the right place. Just click to go to page 3 on the top left corner. There's 3 full pages of Q's this time!!!


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