HOT Kellogg's Cereal Q

$1 off 1 10oz or larger Kellogg's Cereal. Brick's printable with mail option.

Here's what makes this a HOT Q. I was able to print 6 from ONE computer. So not only can I get a few mailed to me, but I PRINTED SIX!!! I'm sure you know already, I'm going to Meijer with these to get some more Mini Wheats! But you guys can use them on the current sale to get cereal for $1 a box!!


$1/1 Toaster Strudel here
$1/2 ANY Hunts Tomato Products here
$1/1 Motrin or Childrens Motrin register here


Kate said...

Thanks! My husband and I are both doing the Special K challenge right now, so these will be great! I saved $62.25 at Meijer this morning, paying just $5.11 because of you. Glad I found your site!

cheapsk8mom said...

I'm glad you found me too!!

I'm still going to buy the Mini Wheats to get the $3 Catalina (for each 3 boxes) to make the cereal .50 after coupon...

And here's the best part, this cereal's really GOOD. Hot or Cold... it's really yummy!!

Keep on saving that money though, for real. And keep me posted when you have an awesome score! I LOVE hearing about other people's deals...


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