Cellfire - Load Q's to your Kroger Card

Anyone tried this? I was cruising the net and bumped into Cellfire... I had to set up my cell phone with it, which I don't mind... But I was able to load Q's just like P&G and Shortcuts. .50 off Cottonelle, .50 off Gold Fish, Free Active Lifestyle Oatmeal, etc. There were even a couple of Huggies coupons... They've got other coupons that you can store on your cell phone for us in a store, like B1G1 used DVDs (purchase) at Hollywood Video. Very interesting.. I loaded a few and was already planning a venture to the Kroger to get free Shrimp and Chocolate Milk... I'll test them out!

** Update **
They worked!!

I used:
Cellfire Q
.50 off Pepperidge Farms Goldfish Crackers (on sale for $1)
Free Naturally Preferred Water (on sale for $1)
- combined w/a B1G1 Q from an old insert
got both free!!
Free Active Lifestyle Oatmeal ($2.08) free!!

Shortcuts Q
.50 off Betty Crocker Warm Delights $1.99
- combined with .50/1 manq
.55 off Reese's Puffs Cereal $2.88
-- combined with .55/1 Q
.50 off Betty Crocker Cake Mix on sale for $1
.50 off Grands
-- combined with .40/2 manQ
.50 off Green Giant Boxed Veggie on sale for $1 free!!
-- combined with .25/1 manQ


Abigail said...

Did you have to do anything special to make it work? I went to kroger today to purchase some items and it didn't work.

cheapsk8mom said...

At first I thought they weren't gonna come off, along with my Shortcuts q's, but when I hit "pay now" they deducted then.

justusseven said...

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Cincinnati Cents said...

You've been tagged! You can check out the details at the link to my blog below -

Thanks! Katie


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