Cash 4 Gold?

Ok so I've seen this on TV... and I'm kind of curious about it... Says you request a free kit. Has anyone done this? Not that I have a bunch of unwanted gold laying around or anything... Or any gold laying around for that matter, ha.

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Stephanie said...

I have not done this, but we have a jewelry store around here that is buying back gold. I just did it yesterday, and I got $300 for extra gold I did not wear anymore. It was mostly old charms and little rings I had from my childhood. I think the most shocking thing to me was, the do not need gemstones. At all. I had an over 100 year old ring with a sizable diamond in it and they only offered me $30. So, if you have old gold it would be good. I would recommend you check into local stores and not mail in. I went to International Diamond Exchange Gold Jewelers here in Ohio. Good luck, if you decide to do it.


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