Are we raising the next generation of coupon users?

Cruisin' blogs while the husband plays XBOX360, I read a post over at One Mom, 5 Kids that made me giggle. (read it here) And it's made me think about how my children help me out... They've become well-trained 'blinkie' coupon finders. You know, those red SmartSource coupon dispensers attached to the shelves or freezer doors that spit out coupons - as if by magic... They're also masters of the tear pad. Recently there have been more than a few tear pads at the Kroger store, that for some reason are around knee level... My 11 yr old son knows the doubling policy at the Meijer and Kroger. Makes me smile, my baby cheapsk8s. Well, I guess they're not technically babies anymore...

So what about you guys? What do your kids do?

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Sonia said...

My son grips about my coupons, I tell him, its saving us money, you know what he said, we dont have a PS3 yet? Kids


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