Walgreens, WOW!!!!

I'm like a kid in a candy store today, I tell ya... Deals to be had at the Walgreens :)

$10 Catalina for purchasing 3 Robitussins (Priced @ 3.99 ea)

Walgreens 1

3 Robitussin @ 3.99 ea
-- used 3 $3/1 printables
2 Poore's Jalapeno Chips @ .99 ea
-- These are a "make husband happy" product. No Coupon, but are usually priced @ 1.99

OOP: 5.79
Got $10 Catalina
Total Savings: $17

Walgreens 2

3 Robitussin @ 3.99 ea
-- used 3 $3/1 printables
3 Visines
-- used $2/1 Easy Saver Walgreens Q ($6 off)
-- used 3 $3/1 Man Q from All You (last month's issue)

OOP: $ 4.18
Got $10 Catalina
Total Savings: $30


Frugal Felicia said...

How did you do this? My Walgreens are always strict (and I've read this also) that you can't have more coupons then products. I may have to try this at the new Wags near my house.

cheapsk8mom said...

Gosh, I hadn't even thought of that... Maybe because the coupon was a walgreens coupon? I haven't ever had any issues with the walgreens, although I have read also about horrible experiences!!! Luckily I haven't had one. I've shopped at 4 Walgreens so far since moving to Indiana.


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