Meijer <3

Meijer makes me smile sometimes, I swear. With thirsty teenagers in the house, sales and specials involving drinks is always a good thing. We also like to 'stockpile' the Individual-Sized bottles for road trips, walks, or even just going down the street to the neighborhood park.
Buy 6 Power-Ade Zeroes (on sale for .59 = $3.54) and get a Catalina for $4 off your next order.
That's actually more money back than you've spent. Ka-CHING!

I haven't tried this yet, but when you buy 10 Vitamin Waters, you get 5 Powerades for free... I'm wondering if you opted to spring for the 6th PowerAde, if it would count it and spit out that pretty catalina. I'll try this tomorrow... Also, PowerAde and Vitamin water count as Coke products to get that $10 off athletic shoes. We found a really cute pair of black and white boys sk8 shoes for $14.99 today! I was worried they wouldn't consider them athletic shoes, but it worked!

Also, buy 4 Capri Suns (on sale 4/$7) and get a Catalina for $3 off your next order. I've got 3 coupons from a "back to school" pamphlet I found at the front of the store for $1/3 so it makes the deal just a little sweeter.


EndureMyWorld said...

Pssst... Kroger has the Tide Total Care on "Managers Special" for $9.99. Everyone else had it for over $12.00. Load the PG esaver onto your Kroger card, and use any of the $1.00 off's that are floating around. (Tide website, or recent insert).

I walked out paying $7.99 for the 100 oz bottle.
Unfortunately the deal only works once.

cheapsk8mom said...

Oh sweet! I did that last week, but bought the smaller size. I can't find my Kroger rec't, which is weird because I save ALL... but I think it was 4.99 or so, and I did the manq stacked on the kroger preload Q
Wanted to see if I even like the stuff before I invested in a bigger package :)


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