Meijer & Walgreens.... I <3 Saving $

Decided I couldn't pass the Meijer deals up, so went back again. Since husband and I are going on a date tonight, remembered I needed to provide a meal for our lovely teenagers. Turned my Pond's Peelies into Movie Tickets (free) and going to see Bangkok Dangerous. Can't go wrong w/Nicholas Cage is what I say... Plus we have the Q from Papa John's Pizza Box flier for a Free Lg Popcorn w/purchase of a Lg Drink. So about $4.50 for a movie and concessions for 2? Not bad at all...

2 Aunt Millies Hot Dog Buns @ 1.00 ea
-- used 2 .35/1 manQ's (doubled)
1 Can Hormel Chili (Turkey) @ 1.31
-- no coupon :(
2 Box Toaster Strudel @ 1.88 ea
-- 2 .50/1 printables from smartsource.com (doubled)
1 Bottle of Tide (Was informed while at the store that we were ALL OUT)@ 7.69 ea (OUCH)
-- .35/1 manQ (doubled)
1 Box of Snuggle Fabric Softener (another last minute item) @ 5.19 ea
-- .40/1 manQ (doubled)
4 Lysol Wipes @ 1.24 ea
-- 2 $1/2 printables
2 Lysol Multi Purpose A/B Spray @ 1.39 ea
-- 2 .50/2 printables (doubled)
2 Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner @ 1.49 ea (I think it was some special kind, was more $$)
-- 2 .50/2 printables (doubled)
2 Spray N Wash @ 1.14 ea
-- 2 .75/1 manQ
1 Advance Copy of Indy Star Sunday Paper @ 1.75 ea
(The coupons are just that good)
Used my last $3 catalina (from Capri Sun deal last week)
Total OOP: $20.85
Total Savings: $32.48

Also wanted to use my $10/$40 Coupon, and some of those RR's that were burning a hole in my "hot coupons" organizer**. It didn't go as planned, and my OOP about made me cry... But it'll pay off in the form of rebates... I took these pictures while waiting for husband to pick a video game in the Blockbuster Store to "rent". We get 1 rental free each month with our Total Rewards membership.

3 Glade Wisp refills (kids have nagged for these for so long!) @ 3.49 ea
-- used 3 $1/1 printables
-- will get $3 for ESR rebate
2 Glade Plug-Ins Warmer Units @ 1.99 ea
-- used B1G1 Q (but she rang ups as $3.49 off)
-- will get $1 for ESR rebate
Crest ProHealth Toothpaste @ 3.79
-- used .75/1 manQ
-- will get $3.79 for ESR rebate
2 South Beach Diet snack Bars @ 2.50 ea
-- will get $5 for ESR rebate (finally got $15 worth)
3 Garnier Products @ 22.47 total
-Eye Roller @ 12.99
-- used $2/1 printable
-Fructis Leave-In conditioner @ 3.49
-- used $1/1 manQ
-Fructis Hair Shine Spray stuff @ 5.99
-- used $1/1 manQ
-- Will get $10 ESR Rebate
Nivea Men Wash @ 4.99
-- used $1/1 manQ
-- Will get $4.99 ESR rebate
Excedrin Gel @ 3.99 (need these after taking 13yr old daughter with me to the store)
-- Will get $3.99 ESR rebate
Lypsyl Lip Balm @ 1.99 (tastes like total crap, wish i didn't get this. I'm glad they're paying me an extra 10%)
-- Will get $1.99 ESR rebate
Chemistry Tame Serum @ 7.99 ea
-- Will get $7.99 ESR rebate

Used $10 RR (from Robitussin Deal)
Used $10 off $40 Walgreens Q

Total OOP: $35.91 OUCH OUCH OUCH
Total Savings: $29.22
Total ESR: $41.75 (before you add the 10%)

So technically it's a profit... I'll get more than I spent. It just hurts to spend it, that's all.

Then I ran back in to do a quick deal since she wouldn't let me use more than 1 RR in the previous transaction. Boy was this one fun...

1 Schick Quattro Razor @ 4.99
-- used $2/1 ManQ
5 Refill Quattro Packs @ 4.99
-- used FOUR $4/1 ManQ's
1 Book of Stamps @ 8.40
Used 10 RR
Total OOP: $8.44
Total Savinggs $64.50

** My "hot coupons" organizer. I decided that in addition to my 2 fullsized coupon organizers (one for food, one for non-food) I'd get a smaller organizer for my "hot coupons". Stuff I use all the time, or am price checking, or whatever. Free stuff coupons, haircuts, rebate forms, oil changes, etc. So when I was last at the Office Depot turning my old cartridges into $3 store credit vouchers, I decided to grab one. I think I ended up paying about $1.50 OOP (used a $3 voucher, I think it was priced at $3.99) It's got 12 tabs. I also now put the q's i have lined up for a particular trip into it. I have separate tabs for Meijer, CVS, Walgreens, etc... I put my ECB in there, my Meijer-only Catalinas, rain checks, and un-filed receipts... you get the idea... here's a picture.

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