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As a ZoomPanelist, you'll receive rewards by qualifying for and completing a wide variety of surveys. For each completed survey, you'll receive ZoomPoints that are redeemable for popular movies, music, magazines, gift cards, and more.

When a new survey is available for you, we'll send you an email invitation. Most surveys can be completed online in fifteen to twenty minutes. Occasionally, you may receive an invitation to test a product or service in your home. And periodically, we may even invite you to join and participate in mobile surveys sent directly to your cell phone.

Some ZoomPanelists may be invited to participate in studies involving the use of a product or service. Those who agree to participate will be able to use the test product for a period of time and will then complete a survey detailing their experience.

The more surveys you complete the more ZoomPoints you receive. The more ZoomPoints you save, the greater the rewards! When you've saved 1,000 ZoomPoints or more you can start redeeming for merchandise.

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