CVS is getting to be really really fun. And cheap!

Thanks again to everyone who gave me the greatest hints and tips for CVS... I went there intending to get the Ambi soap for $1.99 and get $3 ECB after... they didn't have that soap. So I had to think on the fly, and... well I ended up burning ECBs and got some junk food... and the Clorox wipes my teenager's been harassing me for. Ignore the OUST sprays... my photographer put them into my CVS booty, instead of the Walgreens...

1 Clorox Wipes @ 2.50 ea
1 Butterfinger @ .75 ea
1 Mentos Gum @ .99 ea
1 Renuzit Tri-Scent @ 7.99 ea
-- used $4/1 man q

$6 ECB
$2/$10 CVS Q (richmond parents)

Got back $3 ECB
OOP: .57

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