Save $10 off Athletic Shoes with $10 Coke Purchase at Meijer

I think I love Meijer, honestly. There are so many great promotions going on, it makes the head spin!! This one's pretty cool, since I have all those great $1 off coupons from VocalPoint ($1/1 Coke Zero 12 pk). Fine print:
*Includes Minute Maid all sizes and varieties excluding chilled or frozen juices, Nestea all sizes and varieties, 2 liter bottle Coca-Cola all varieties, 1 liter bottle Coca-Cola all varieties, Powerade all sizes and varieties, Dasani all sizes and varieties, Evian all sizes and varieties, Coca-Cola Energy Drinks all sizes and varieties, Coke Blak, Vitamin Water all sizes and varieties, Smart Water all sizes and varieties, and Fuze all sizes and varieties. Plus deposit where applicable.

Offer valid at stores only. No cash back on athletic shoes priced $9.99 or less. Offer will be taken at checkout. Limit one offer per transaction. Cannot be combined with any other shoe coupons. At stores only. Offer expires 9/13/08 in all Meijer stores except Indianapolis & Chicago areas. Expires 9/17/08 in Indianapolis/Chicago areas.

Go here to check out all of the ongoing promotions at the Meijer store.

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