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Feeling a little bit better, I set out to bring the pain to Walgreens and Kmart... Coupons burning a hole in my organizer, I took advantage of both stores' B1G1 Rimmel sales, and combined with my B1G1 eyeshadow coupons from All You Magazine. Also taking advantage of the Glade Refill / Plug Ins Walgreens Rebates.

-- Lessons learned...
When combining B1G1 sales with B1G1 coupons, only buy things that are the same price, unless you want to spend money OOP.
No matter how well you plan your trip, make sure you bring your coupon organizer into the store, in case you have to make a last minute change.


2 USB Drives (2gig each) for the girls @ 9.99 ea - cute colors w/carabiner clip so they don't lose 'em easily.
2 Max Factor Clear Mascara @ 4.99 ea
2 Max Factor Eye Shadows @ 4.99 ea
4 Rimmel Eye Shadows B1G1 (5.69 ea)

2 $3/2 Max Factor Coupons
2 B1G1 Rimmel Coupons from All You

Total Value: $62.70
OOP: $26.85


6 Glade Plug In Oil Warmers (B1G1) @ 4.79 ea
2 Glade Plug In Oil Warmers (B1G1) @ 3.89 ea
4 Rimmel Eye Shadows (B1G1) @ 5.99 & 4.99 ea
2 Glade Oil Refills @ 4.49 ea
3 Trident Extra Care @ .99 ea (Walgreens Coupon)
2 Smuckers Squeeze Jelly @ 1.67 ea (Walgreens Coupon)
1 Peter Pan PB @ 1.67 ea (Walgreens Coupon)
5 Composition books @ .99 ea
4 Poster Board @ 4/$1 (Walgreens Coupon)--the kids always need this at 6pm on Sunday night before a project is due on Monday, ends up costing me 1.99 a sheet. Decided to be proactive this year.

3 B1G1 Glade Warmer manf q's 8/24 insert
1 $4/1 Glade Warmer manf q from 8/3 insert (I think?)
1 B1G1 Glade Refill manf q from 8/24 insert
2 B1G1 manf q's from August All You (redeemed @ 4.99)
3 .75/1 manf q's from August All You magazine
1 $1/2 Squeeze Smuckers manf q (past insert)
1 $1/1 Peter Pan PB Q from August All You

Total Value: $92.11
OOP: $21.42

The original gameplan was to get 3 Peter Pan PB's (I have plenty of the coupons) however they only had creamy and chunky. My husband/children only like the honey variety, so I had to call an audible and instead did 2 Smucker's Squeezables and 1 PB. (We'll just put it in the dog's Kong toy/treat) Now because you need a degree in advanced mathematics in order to accurately predict your Walgreens total, I was off by a few bucks... And I did have to get a refund as the Rimmel wasn't ringing up as B1G1, nor was the Glade Warmers. Seriously. So my total might still be "off" but I was happy to get outta there.

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MJ said...

I know what you mean about never being able to calculate the total at Walgreens... try as I may, I end up off most of the time, and never fails half the time something rings up wrong, I still manage to get some good deals... but I have found some of the stores are worse than others... unfortunately it's the ones closest to me that are the most problematic


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