Joint Juice 4pks at Meijer for $1.63

Ok... I'm going to admit that I clipped and clipped Joint Juice coupons, but I never could find the product. No idea why, but I never bothered to look near the pharmacy. Well today at the Meijer, I did just that. Armed with my 2 $1/1 manufacturer's coupons, I hoped to find a few bottles... They are indeed located by the pharmacy, I should have known that... (Kicks self for allowing so many coupons to expire unused) And lo and behold, there's 4pks of Joint Juice (which actually tastes good) on sale for $1.63!!! I don't know if it's an un-advertised sale, or a markdown, or what... But $.63 for a 4pk? That's just awesome! You can bet I'll head back tomorrow, armed with 2 printed brick's coupons (get yours here) and pick up 2 more. I have requested a bunch to be mailed to me here, of course.

I shop the Meijer in Mooresville Indiana. YMMV

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Esther said...

Thanks for the heads up! I bought 5 4 packs in the greater Grand Rapids MI area.


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