Free Covergirl tomorrow at Walgreens and CVS!!!

Do you have any of the B1G1 CoverGirl from August's P&G Brandsaver? I didn't think I did, but as I was cleaning out last month's q's... I came across 1 glorious shining coupon! So tomorrow (only day this will work, as the q's expire) I will cruise myself down to CVS - I need to put a deal together first though - to get my free Covergirl!!

After last week's Revlon and Rimmel, all I'm in need of now is lip glossage... So that's why I'm going to CVS, they've got the Outlast all day lipcolor and Aquasmoothers on sale. Walgreens has their foundation, concealer, powder and blush on sale.

I'll post more when I get the deal put together, I just had to share because I'm easily excited when the word "Free" is involved...

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