My Meijer Booty!

I really did leave there feeling like I stole stuff. Honest. I took advantage of the "use your meijer card" and get 5% off groceries, 15% off general merchandise, combined it with some great coupons, and meijer's existing specials. I spent about $34 on those deals. I did end up buying a bit more though. A few items that I felt were especially great were their Huggies Clean Team wipes priced at 2.39 each (used 2 $3/2 coupons from 7/20 insert, makes them about .89). We (the adults) use these, I don't have a baby!! I like the container, the smell, and that they're not 'too wet'. Some more Johnson's Buddies soaps priced at .99 each (used the $2/2 coupons). All the kids (9-15 yrs) in the house use this soap, it smells so good. I used the $1/1 Tyson frozen chicken product coupon today too. Their big bags are priced at 2/$9, and I had 2 coupons! (I buy the Sunday-Preview edition of the paper on saturday afternoon because I can't wait... So I always have at least 2 inserts) Finally, I bought 4 more Malt-o-Meal Cereals, on sale at Meijer b2g2 priced at $1.99 (used 4 $1/1 coupons here and here, or maybe even here), made it free.

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