Kroger & Meijer Trip

I feel like I've stolen something, the deals I got are just THAT great!!! Because it's easier for me to speak in spreadsheet form, I've compiled my two trips. Note that the products with names in red indicate manager's specials or last-minute markdowns due to expiration date. I love to cruise for those and stack a coupon on top of them. I'm also showing the Meijer "projected" and "actual" because the Meijer Mealbox coupons DOUBLED!!! This might be normal for some, as I've heard tell... But my Meijer has never doubled their own. The computer just didn't do it... Until today, that is. Doubling of the .50 Mealbox coupon will result in free frozen veggies, free organic mushrooms, .25 sour cream (unless you buy the discounted ones). You can bet I'll be back to Meijer very soon.

Kroger's deals were off the chain as well. My husband likes bacon, a LOT. If he had it his way, he'd eat bacon every day, hence the 10 packages on sale for 1.50 each. If you buy 12 participating products P&G, you can get $12 off!!! Armed with my 3 P&G Brandsaver inserts, I converged upon the Kroger store. Six bottles of Herbal Essence (2 conditioners for every shampoo - we have long hair in this house), 3 Secret Deodorants (2 teenaged girls, nuff said), and 3 Duracell batteries (we use a LOT of these as well). If you disregard the bacon, southbeach diet item, 3 packages of beef hotdogs, and the 2 deli creations, the total for the P&G items, after sale price, $12 discount, and coupons is $8.10. I think that's brilliant! Had to share.

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