$1/12 Pk Coke Zero

For those who haven't tried Coke Zero, now's the time. I've always hated diet sodas, thought they tasted like you were sucking on a penny. Trust me when I saw, Coke Zero doesn't taste diet, AT ALL. I cannot tell the difference. I love the cherry coke zero the most. Target has 12 pks on sale for $2.50 this week. You can head over to Vocalpoint and log in (or sign up if you haven't done that already) to get your Brick's printables for $1/1 12 pk of Coke Zero. I have gotten 2 so far, in 2 days. Make sure your also join in the 'Klub 32' Special K activity as well, to get coupons for those products mailed to you! (Use them for Meijer's $10 off back pack promotion)

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